The CFP and the Beauty of College Football

We have a huge weekend of college football coming up. The playoffs will be set after Saturday’s games are played. The possible scenarios are endless, and we should enjoy every minute of it.

I feel 2 spots are already taken. The ACC and SEC Championship games will each send the winner into the playoffs. As for the other two spots, this is where it gets tricky. In a perfect world, as far as the NCAA is concerned, both Oklahoma and Wisconsin will win. They would secure the two remaining spots in this instance. But if this season has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

If either of them lose, I feel Alabama gets in. Even if OSU beats Wisconsin, I don’t see the committee giving a 2-loss Buckeyes team a bid over 1-loss Alabama. But again, stranger things have happened.

So what happens if both Oklahoma and Wisconsin lose? Who’s the 4th team to get in? OSU, TCU, Clem/Mia loser, and the Aub/UGA loser could squeak in as well. If this happens, I won’t envy the committee members. Where do PSU, USC, Stanford, UCF, and a few others stand if this weekend goes haywire?

In all likelihood, it won’t come to this. But this Saturday will be one of the most interesting days we’ve seen in some time. Want my advice? No? Well here it is anyway. Sit back, relax, pop open a cold one, and enjoy the games.

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