Was It A Catch?

You’ve probably seen the video by now if you weren’t watching the game last night. Jesse James scored a touchdown with 28 seconds left to help the Steelers beat the Patriots on Sunday. But wait, no he didn’t.

So was it a catch? Well, yes and no. Hear me out.

Anyone with functioning eyeballs could see that he caught it. He then extended the ball over the goal line for an apparent touchdown. But then we were all quickly reminded of Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and a few others. Problem #1 was that he didn’t bring the ball into his body to show control and possession. Problem #2 is that the ball touched the ground. This is where the NFL has 2 rules that contradict each other.

One rule states that you can extend the ball to score. That’s what James did. But another rule comes with such minute stipulations that have no concrete boundaries and leave interpretation to refs. To humans. The NFL needs to fix this. Now.

Did the refs get it right? By the rules……..yes. But this is a horrible rule. I can’t imagine anyone could watch that play and not say that it was a touchdown. I think even Pats fans would have to agree. This entire fiasco should create some beautiful drama if these two teams were to face each other for the AFC Championship.

So, while we’re changing rules, can we talk about a fumble through the end zone being a turnover/touchback? That’s just silly as hell.

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