NFL Fantasy: Who’s sitting, who’s playing?

A lot of fantasy leagues ended last week with the Week 16 games. But some, including the ones I run, are heading into Week 17 with a variety of scenarios dependent on who plays this week. Most teams in contention for playoff spots and/or seedings will be playing all their starters.

But let’s talk about a couple teams that have little or nothing to gain or lose.

Jacksonville says they are playing to win this week. They play the Titans and have every intention of beating them. Tennessee is currently favored (-6), but this may change as Vegas and bettors start to believe, or not, what the Jags are saying. Time will tell.

The Rams have already said they are going to rest some guys. Worst case scenario is that they slip to a 4th seed. They would still host a Wild Card game. A #3 seed wouldn’t really give them any advantage to speak of. Alex Ogletree and Mark Barron are both nursing injuries. I wouldn’t expect to see them on the field Sunday. And Todd Gurley? He’s in the running for an MVP Award. I think he plays, but no word has been given that I’ve seen yet.

Pat Mahomes is starting for Kansas City this week. That has already been announced. I like this kid, love his game. If you need an emergency QB, pick this guy up. Andy Reid’s offense is suited for Mahomes’ style of play. And he saw success in preseason. Yes, I get it, it was preseason. But I digress……….

So set your lineup as late as possible to cover all your bases. Let’s enjoy the last few weeks we have of this glorious game. And good luck in your league(s).

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