2018 NFL HOF Finalists

Any time any sport is about to induct players into their respective Hall of Fame, the debates begin. Who should be in, who should be left out? We all like to think we have the perfect answers. We rarely do. There are undoubtedly ‘easy decisions’ each year to go along with some borderline or controversial ones. But let’s take a look at this year’s NFL choices:

Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Edgerrin James, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Isaac Bruce, John Lynch, Brian Dawkins, Ty Law, Everson Walls, Steve Hutchinson, Alan Faneca, Tony Boselli, Kevin Mawae, and Joe Jacoby.

How do you leave any of these guys out? I’m still blown away that TO didn’t make it last year. Love him or hate him, he belongs. And if he goes in, you have to include Moss and Bruce as well. Ray Lewis should be a unanimous choice, but there will be that one guy that doesn’t vote him in, count on it. Walls and Jacoby are severely overdue. The bottom line is that this is a stellar class of athletes. What’s the most inducted in one year? I admittedly didn’t google that before starting this blog; I’ll let you guys do that.

But some of these guys won’t make it in this year. And the debates/arguments will commence. If any year begs for a record number of inductees, it’s 2018. Let’s hope the voters do the right thing. The NFL HOF, in Canton, Ohio, is a beautiful shrine to the game. I was there a few years ago. It’s humbling, goosebump inducing, teary-eyed producing, and simply awesome. I urge any fan of the game to visit one day. Meanwhile, let’s just be grateful that we got to see these guys play the game we love to watch.

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