What’s Next for KC

The Chiefs were up 21-3. Easy win, right? Well, better ask the Falcons about getting complacent with a lead in the postseason. The KC faithful watched as Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans chipped away and ultimately won the Wild Card round game yesterday.

So who’s to blame? Usually the blame falls on the head coach. This time, it may ring true. Andy Reid has now blown two 18-point postseason leads in his career. They loved him when he arrived in Kansas City. He turned the team around. But he just can’t seem to get over the next hump. And what about Alex Smith? Do you just decide to clean house and cut ties there too? Patrick Mahomes has looked pretty good considering his limited playing time and the fact that he’s a rookie.

Kareem Hunt is assuredly the future of this franchise. And whoever they decide to put under center, they better get him some WRs. Tyreek Hill is a stud and Travis Kelce is a top TE. But they need someone to help stretch the field, someone to keep the defenses honest week to week. Once the QB drops back, there are essentially 2 guys to cover. Go get a solid #2. Get a slot receiver. Strike fear in the defense. Currently, that’s not happening.

Yes, the Chiefs are an improved team from a few years ago. But the fans want more. The fans want, and deserve, postseason wins. The current roster simply isn’t getting it done. I wouldn’t be surprised if they clean house. New coach, new QB, a smart draft. Those are the keys to get this team over the hump.

But for now, we have 7 games left to watch. Let’s cherish them. The off-season always seems just too damned long.

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