As you can imagine, I love Las Vegas. What a beautiful city, what an incredible experience. Me and the guys head out each spring for March Madness and then again for a football trip in September or October. It’s always a great time, win or lose.

So my buddy Gary (@skerble80) tells me the other day he found cheap flights for the week leading into the Super Bowl. He also informs me he has comped rooms at the Hard Rock. Ok, I’m sold. So yes, my flight is now booked and I’ll be headed out there in a few weeks even with March Madness looming. We’re not staying for the Super Bowl, but you can bet that we’ll lay some money on prop bets before we head home.

I’ve been to Vegas for the Super Bowl. It was something I’d wanted to do, so a couple years ago…….I did it. I watched Peyton go out on top while cashing my reverse teaser bet (Denver -4). I highly recommend any fan of the game to go out at least once for the big game. It is truly an awesome experience. The fact that I missed an 8 leg prop parlay because of a push on the O/U for interceptions that game doesn’t still bother me at all.

There are so many things I love about the trip. The gambling, the food, the free drinks, and just hanging out with the best group of friends anyone could ever hope to have. I’ve made friends out there too. Tommy, Paul, Michelle, Patty, and a few others that I recognize but have never been formally introduced to. They remember us, we have small chats here and there, but it is usually just in passing. I need to change that. It’s a city full of great people. And don’t get me started on Joel, from Kansas City. Dude had me laughing so hard the day we met him. I’ll never forget that NC State loss. Never. 2014…..Go Billikens.

So I’ll be there twice over the next 2 months. I’ll be headed to South Point in March, one of my favorite places on earth. My money will be out to place bets, my drink tickets will be in hand. But most importantly, I have friends to say hello to.


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