Army vs VGK

The United States Army is filing a lawsuit against the Vegas Golden Knights over their uniforms/logos. I’m not making this up. But before I go any further, I’ll give credit where it’s due. first reported this filing.

The Army states that it has used the black, gold, yellow, and white color scheme since the late 60s for it’s parachute team. They are claiming that they have ‘common law rights’ to said scheme. Ok, I’m not a lawyer, but can you claim common law to a color scheme? It seems almost surreal to even ask that question. Most states have common law marriage parameters in the event of the oh so ever existing breakup. But a color scheme? C’mon, man!

The Army is also stating that the general public will get confused because the West Point hockey team uses the same colors on their uniforms. As a member of the general public, that’s rather insulting. I can promise you that no one, not even the novice viewer, would mistake the West Point team for an NHL team. Much less a 1st place NHL team. And for the record, West Point is not a part of this lawsuit. This is the Army filing it.

I have nothing but respect for our military, every single man and woman that enlists. They are heroes, no doubt. But this whole thing just seems petty. Seriously, just let it go. Drop the lawsuit & #DropThePuck.

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