I Don’t Think Tonya Harding Gets It

I, Tonya is showing at theaters across the country right now. For those residing under the proverbial rock, the movie is about the scandal that rocked the figure skating world in 1994 in which Harding’s rival, Nancy Kerrigan, was attacked in order to give Tonya a better chance at winning.

Tonya Harding’s agent has resigned over Tonya’s insistence that any reporter who asks about her past be fined $25,000 for doing so. She wants them to sign an affidavit before having the ‘honor’ of interviewing her. I don’t think it works that way. Without her past, that movie doesn’t get made. Four thugs that she was associated with attacked Kerrigan. It was a scandal that was on every news program. This was before social media; back when we had to wait for our news right after this message from our sponsors. How Tonya avoided jail time is beyond my comprehension. At the time, she denied knowledge of the attack. But now, 24 years later, she admits to knowing.

So what are reporters supposed to ask? Hey Tonya, what’s your favorite pudding flavor? Ms Harding, do you consider penguins to be birds? The only reason the camera is on her is because of this scandal. That’s why the movie was made. But let’s not ask her about it. That’s like asking the makers of Apollo 13 to not talk about space.

I won’t see this movie, I have no interest. Give me comedy, action, suspense, or horror and I’m happy. Or maybe a feel good movie about someone we can respect. You know, someone like Nancy Kerrigan. I’d watch that. Hollywood, get on it.

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