Tom Brady’s Hand

48 hours ago, I would have never thought I’d be writing a blog titled Tom Brady’s Hand. It seems absurd, yet here we are. His throwing hand is the focus of the sports world right now. It started as a mystery, then a segue into a minor injury, and now Brady is listed as questionable. But let’s face it, we all know he’s playing Sunday.

Vegas has felt the effects though. The spread started at 9 points, slowly crept down a half point at a time, and currently sits at 7.5 at most books. His press conference today did nothing to dispel or support any of the news and/or rumors. He insisted on not talking about it, he said he’s played injured before.

We’ve all seen the mind games that Bill Belichick, master of diversion, has played before. Is this another genius move on his part? Is he merely diverting attention away from the rest of the team to get them to relax? The word is that there are stitches on his hand after hitting it on a teammate’s helmet. This seems mostly irrelevant to me. But Coach Bill will definitely use this scenario to draw attention away from the other 51 guys so that they can prepare for Sunday. Again, this is merely speculation on my part.

It’ll be huge for ratings in an otherwise drab weekend of conference championship football. The NFL needs that this season. The decline in viewers can be attributed to many factors. But throw in Tom Brady and the Patriots, add some drama, and you have a lot more TVs tuning in. For at least a quarter anyway. How the Jags respond, and ultimately how they perform overall, will dictate if those viewers stay tuned or not. The Patriots are the kings of the hill. The general consensus is that people want to see them fall. The issue, or non-issue, of Tom Brady’s hand may well decide the fate of these two teams.

Until then, let’s just get ready for some football.

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