The Road to Zion

Zion Williamson has made his decision. He will be playing for the Blue Devils of Duke University. Duke now has the top 3 high school recruits coming in next season. Coach K out there doing his best Coach Cal impression.

Williamson is 6’7, 272 lbs, with a 7’0 wingspan. Not sure how you guard that at the collegiate level. All eyes will be on him for sure though as he jumps right into the boiling pot that is ACC basketball. He’s the most famous high school basketball player since LeBron, and rightly so.

Zion played high school ball at Spartanburg Day School in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He filled the stat sheet night after night, averaging almost 40 PPG over the last 2 seasons. He rebounds, he blocks shots, he does it all. I’m looking forward to seeing this guy play.

There’s always excitement around these top players each season. The downside is that we usually only get to watch them for one year before they move on to the NBA. Rest assured that most of Duke’s games will be televised though. Until then, we have this season to watch down the home stretch. March Madness will be fun and unpredictable. Place your bets carefully.

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