What a game! What an outstanding game. This game was so good that it made a lot of us forget what has slowly started to annoy us about the NFL. And for the record, the refs got the call right; it was a touchdown. Way too many twitter fingers prematurely slammed the NFL over that one. There were slight differences in that play and the one made by Jesse James a few weeks ago. But let’s talk about the finer points of SB LII.

First off, I want to say this; in a season laden with atrocious officiating, this one was about as perfect as a football fan could hope for. That crew called a great game, they never let it become about them, they were fair, they were firm, they let the Patriots and Eagles settle this on the field. Kudos to the zebras on this one.

I was in Vegas for a couple days leading up to the game. I watched lines move, I watched fans pour into the city, I watched fandom at its finest. If you ever get the chance, go to Vegas for the Super Bowl at least once. The prop bets alone are fun to bet.

So how did the Eagles topple the mighty Pats? Well, just watch these guys play. Carson Wentz was the frontrunner for MVP before he got hurt. Nick Foles steps in and the Eagles don’t lose a step. What other team does this? This is a team that truly plays as a team. There are no egos, no superstars, per se. You want one sentence that sums them up? Here you go: Their 3rd string TE threw a TD pass to their backup QB in the Super Bowl. That’s the Philadelphia Eagles. Play together, play to win. This wasn’t just a great game, this was a great story. We’ll talk about this one for years.

So now we’re football-less for several months. Yeah, it’s a little sad. But I promise you this; when it comes back, we’ll welcome it with open arms. And it will love us right back. The odds are already out for next year’s Super Bowl. I’ll be checking them out when I get back to Vegas for March Madness next month.

Who ya got?


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