DH in the NL? No Thanks.

There has been talk of implementing the DH rule in the National League. I’m not a fan of this. I don’t even like it in the AL. For me, a purist, I feel that baseball is a game where you field 9 players. That’s it, just 9. I like the strategy it creates in a close game with the pitcher on deck. I’d rather see a perfectly executed sacrifice bunt than some 6’2, 250 lb one dimensional guy either hit the ball 450 feet or strikeout. It’s what makes baseball great.

The DH rule was implemented in 1973. Ron Blomberg, of the New York Yankees, was the first one on 4/6/73. He drew a walk against Luis Tiant. Since interleague play began in 1997, the National League has used them when visiting American League teams. Glenallen Hill was the first NL DH when his Giants visited Texas. Whether it’s interleague play or the World Series, the home team has a decided advantage when one league uses it and the other doesn’t. I say get rid of it entirely.

There have been players who have either made careers out of the DH rule, or at least extended them. Edgar Martinez and David Ortiz come to mind immediately. Both were outstanding hitters; HOF caliber hitters. But do they belong, having rarely played the field? I think they do because, like the rule or not, it was part of the game. And these guys were at the top.

I hope this never passes. I don’t want it in the National League. At the same time, I want both leagues to be the same. I don’t think a happy medium is possible, at least for my thoughts on this.

However, I have exactly zero say in the matter. I’ll always keep watching baseball. It would be hard for them to turn me away completely. What do you guys think? Do you like the DH?

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