Racism in Sports

How is this even an issue in 2018? But here we are. The Chicago Blackhawks banned 4 fans from their games for racist taunts directed at the Capitals’ Devante Smith-Pelly as he sat in the penalty box. Now before anyone starts on the “typical (team name) fans” rant, all teams have this faction of fans that the rest of us don’t want anything to do with. Those people are disgusting and have no place in society, much less sports.

So how do we stop it? Teams and organizations banning these people is a start. But is it enough? Think about the life this type of person lives. They apparently wake up angry at the world and stay that way all day. Do they really want sports to be all white? My gosh, how horrible would baseball be without Aaron, Mays, Robinson? Football without Payton, Brown, Sanders, and Dickerson? No thank you. Take Wilt, Jordan, the Big O, and Kareem out of basketball and no one watches. And the NHL is surely better with Subban, Smith-Pelly, and Byfuglien in it. We simply can’t tolerate this as decent fans, as decent people.

The Blackhawks did the right thing. We, as fans, need to make sure it is known that we won’t tolerate this type of hatred at our beloved sporting events. We need to remove it from our lives. Period. Devante Smith-Pelly seems like a class act. I’m sure he’ll move on from this without any problems. Those 4 fools embarrassed the city of Chicago. They embarrassed the NHL. But we can all move on from this and make an effort to be better collectively.

We’ve all heard the saying “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We need to live by that, we need to practice it every single day. We should embrace diversity, stand for unity. Not just in sports, not just in regards to race. But in every aspect of our lives.

Well, more hockey is on tonight. It’s time to fire up Center Ice and #DropThePuck.

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