Kirk Cousins: What’s Next?

Kirk Cousins is likely the most sought after free agent this year. Seven teams are currently courting him; NYJ, Denver, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Arizona, and Buffalo. Now, I’m the last guy to have any inside scoop, so this blog is purely speculation on my part. And I’ll leave the dollar amounts to those that prefer to walk that path. We’ve all seen them. Cousins has made about $40M the last 2 seasons, I doubt he’s chasing money at this point.

Let’s remove the Browns from the conversation right now. No one really wants to play for that organization. And I personally feel that Minnesota would be wise to sign Keenum and go that route. I loved him in college and have said since the day he came into the league that he could be a starter in the NFL. People laughed……until this past season. Jacksonville is in the same boat. Bortles looks to have found his groove and I think he can lead that team going forward.

Arizona could be enticing, but how long does Fitz keep playing? Cousins could very well wait to see what else some of these teams do to surround him with weapons. Larry can’t play forever, I get that, but maybe get a solid #2 for now. Buffalo has some good skill position players right now. But signing Cousins would force an overhaul of the current playbook. Taylor is good, but he plays a different style than Cousins. Denver has too many questions on offense. If I’m Kirk, I’m crossing them off the list. I’m sure he wants to win now.

I didn’t think I’d say this ever in my lifetime, but if I’m Cousins, I sign with the Jets. They surprised everyone last season by winning at all, much less 5 games. They have cap space too. Add a top WR (Robinson?) to a solid running game, then plug in Kirk Cousins. If that happens, they’re in the playoffs. You heard it here first.

Free agent signings will be fun to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing how teams try to improve, or see if they decide to grow through the draft. Either way, Cousins will turn out a winner. And the team that gets him will be markedly better. Now, how many days until kickoff?

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