Thank You, Ed Hochuli

Today, Ed Hochuli announced his retirement. He has been a part of our Sunday afternoons since 1990. Sundays won’t be the same without him.

When watching an NFL game, we love to cheer for our team, love to boo the other team, love to blame the refs for anything, whether it was warranted or not. When Mr Hochuli was out there, we knew we couldn’t place blame on the men in stripes. He called a perfect game almost every time. He explained, in minute detail, each and every penalty. He took care of us. Without fail.

Ed Hochuli was a part of two Super Bowls. I’m actually surprised it wasn’t much more. He was everything we wanted in a referee. I can’t think of any ref/umpire in any sport that garnered more respect. He earned everyone’s respect. Players, coaches, fans. He did so by being fair, firm, and committed. And those arms………..let’s face it, we all want arms like that man possesses. Maybe that’s where a good part of the respect came from. Would you challenge him?

Ed Hochuli was born on December 25th, 1950. Christmas Day. He was a Christmas gift to all of us NFL fans.

Thank you, Ed.

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