Richard Sherman: Free Agent

In a surprising, yet also not surprising, move, the Seattle Seahawks have released Richard Sherman. Sherman was drafted by Seattle in the 5th round of the 2011 draft. During his time in Seattle he has played in 4 Pro Bowls as well as winning a Super Bowl with the Seahawks. He has 32 career interceptions, 2 fumble recoveries, 5 forced fumbles, and 2 defensive TDs. These are impressive numbers. However……..

Richard Sherman turns 30 years old later this month and he is coming off of an Achilles injury that cut his 2017 season short. I don’t think any teams doubts that the fire is still there, the desire to win, the intelligence he brings to the game. We’ll soon find out if he’s lost a step from the injury or not. A lot of what teams perceive will be based on his workouts later this month.

The free agent market is currently laden with cornerbacks. In addition, from what I’ve seen of mock drafts, 4 or 5 cornerbacks will go in the first round. Not exactly an optimal time to becoming off of a serious injury, superstar or not. He’ll get a call, there is no doubt. What team wouldn’t want to add his talent and experience to their secondary? It remains to be seen what kind of offers he gets though.

The 49ers, Cowboys, Falcons, and Patriots are rumored to be the frontrunners for his services. Each of these teams needs some help in their secondary. April 26th, the night of the NFL draft, is not that far away. It will be interesting to see if these teams hold out to see if they can pick up the next defensive star or if someone jumps the shark and signs Sherman to bolster the defense. This is an off-season rife with quality free agents, to the extent that it may change how some teams draft. Stay tuned……….

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