NFL Free Agency

Wednesday, March 14th, 4:00 pm. NFL free agency is wide open tomorrow afternoon. There have already been rumors, sightings, guesses, the whole enchilada. What remains to be seen is how these players fit in on the teams they’re signing with. We never want to wish our summers away, but we’re also looking forward to fall when these teams take the field again.

Case Keenum will reportedly be a Bronco. In John Elway’s words, “Life is too short to rebuild in the NFL”. I’ve liked Keenum since his college days at Houston. Strong arm, good size, high football IQ. After struggling with a couple teams in the NFL, he found his groove in Minnesota last season. I love this move by the Broncos.

Sammy Watkins is rumored to be signing with the Chiefs for 3 years, $48M. I haven’t seen the details or the guaranteed money, but this seems risky to me. Watkins is a huge talent. He was great at Clemson and he has shown glimpses of that in the NFL. But that’s a lot of money to give to a guy that can’t seem to stay healthy. If he manages to stay healthy, the Chiefs have the perfect complement to Hill.

Allen Robinson will be a member of the Chicago Bears, per the indications. 3 years, $42M. Robinson is coming off an ACL injury that ended his season as soon as it started. Obviously the Bears feel he’s 100% or they wouldn’t give him this contract. Allen Robinson has proved that he can be a star at this level. Let’s hope this injury stays in the past and he produces like he did in 2016.

There will be a flurry of activity over the next week or so. I’ll try to keep up with it all, but my flight to Vegas is this afternoon, so I may be preoccupied a bit.

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