Opening Day

Baseball is back. While most of the country doesn’t exactly have baseball weather right now, it is back. This is a beautiful time of the year. Although it’s no longer the most popular sport in this country, baseball is still the National Pastime. It’s not even so much the game itself, but everything that it entails.

Tailgates, grills, beer, friends, sunshine. It’s part of why we love the game. It brings back memories of our childhood. We were all future big leaguers in our backyard. The second dad would be home from work, I’d have my glove on, ready to toss. He never passed up a chance to play with my brothers and I. Between flipping burgers and sips of beer, he’d lob a ‘deep fly ball’ that we would track down at the imaginary warning track. More importantly, my throw to the plate (dad) would always nail the runner trying to score on a sac fly. Not in my house!

The game has changed over the years. The way we watch it has changed. But baseball will always be baseball. Think about it, if a batter succeeds 30% of the time, he’s HOF bound. If only our bosses were that lenient. It’s a wonderful game, albeit somewhat tainted by greed these days. But you can bet I’ll be at my share of games. I’ll even hit up a few local Independent League games this year. It’s baseball. I’ll be there.

Play ball!


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