The Sports Week Ahead

There’s a lot going on this week. It’s going to be hard to choose which game/event you’ll watch each night unless you have a multi-screen sports bunker at home. Not that any of us are complaining.

The NHL Playoffs are wrapping up their 1st round. If the Bruins and Caps win tonight, the 1st round is complete. If either loses, we go to Wednesday. The teams out west are set and ready to go for round 2. Keeping the rust from setting in is the issue for them at this point.

The NBA 1st round is heating up. A few good matchups are making this some must-see basketball. Indiana is giving the Cavs all they can handle. The Bucks have caught fire at home against the Celtics. The Jazz have surprised the Thunder while the Rockets are just looking to put away the Timberwolves. Meanwhile, the Warriors and 76ers are sitting on a 3-1 advantage. And the Wizards are giving the Raptors headaches. The Pelicans are just waiting for round 2.

We’re starting to see spring-like weather across the country now. The interest in baseball should be picking up. The Red Sox came back to earth this weekend losing 2 in a row against Oakland, including a Saturday night no-hitter. The Reds, Royals, White Sox, and Marlins continue to struggle. Good luck filling those seats. The teams in between all of this should provide us with some good baseball.

The NFL Draft is Thursday. Speculations, mock drafts (which I abhor), and opinions are flying from every media outlet imaginable. I’m interested to see who goes where, but I’ve been watching this for years. There are always surprises…….ask Aaron Rodgers. I’m going to kick back and watch it with no expectations and just enjoy it. I love college football, I want to see where some of these guys end up.

So pick your game(s) wisely. It’ll be a fun week, a busy week, but we love every minute of it.

#PlayBall #DropThePuck

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