The Machine

Albert Pujols became a member of the 3,000 hit club the other night. What an amazing career he has had so far. And he’s not done. He surely has a few more very productive seasons in him. It’s safe to say we can consider him among the all-time greats at this point.

I read an article in Men’s Health several years back that featured Mr Pujols. The dedication that he applies to his body and his craft is beyond impressive. He works every single day to be the best he can be. I’d say he has done quite well in that regard. He became the 2nd player in history to amass 3,000+ hits and 500+ HR while never having had a season with 100 strikeouts. The other is some guy named Hank Aaron. That’s what I like to call ‘good company’.

Look at his numbers: 3,002 hits, 1,739 runs, 620 HR, 1,938 RBI, 626 2B, 1,256 walks, .304 avg, .560 SLG, .945 OPS. And counting. But one of the most impressive numbers to me is the fact that he only struck out 1,164 times in 9,864 AB. That’s once every 8.47 AB. For a power hitter, that’s virtually unheard of. Suffice it to say, he’s on the fast path to Cooperstown.

I hope we get as much Albert as we can over the next few years. It never gets old watching him at the plate. What an honor it has been to watch him play.

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