Are The Cincinnati Reds The Next Dynasty? (A Satire)

A few days ago, the Cincinnati Reds traded Devin Mesoraco for Matt Harvey. Since that trade, the Reds are 3-0. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in coincidences. Maybe Bryan Price wasn’t the problem. Maybe Devin was. But here’s what I know (obviously):

  1. Matt Harvey is a winner.
  2. No one in baseball has a better record since the trade.
  3. I’m already saving up for World Series tickets.

I’m not saying the Reds will go 135-27, but the Reds will probably go 135-27. It’s science. Ace Homer Bailey (0-5, 5.61) has struggled. He also hasn’t had Matt Harvey by his side. Until now. Again, I’m not Nostradamus, but Reds fans should get used to saying ‘Cy’ and ‘Young’ in the same sentence. Billy Hamilton is getting multi-hit games, Adam Duvall has discovered the meaning of clutch, and the other night………the defense didn’t commit an error. No errors! The Harvey Effect.

The rumor is that the next homestand will boast crowds in excess of 7,000 per game. That’s a seven and three zeroes. Good luck finding a parking spot. The Harvey Effect.

The rest of the NL Central (aka peasants) will dread coming to Great American Ballpark. Can you blame them? From laughing stock to king of the hill, good luck escaping with your dignity.

In all seriousness, every team has down years. If you can’t laugh at it, maybe lighten up a little. Baseball is a game. A game that Matt Harvey plays.

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