Just got to Clearwater a couple hours ago. Pouring rain, so here I am ripping out a blog. On top of the usual activities I partake in when I’m at the beach, a few sports related moments will find their way into my agenda this week.

Unfortunately, the Clearwater Threshers are on the road this week, so I won’t get to see them play. However, the Dunedin Blue Jays have home games all week. I’ll check that out, weather permitting. And as I’m typing this, the Vegas Golden Knights just earned their way to the Stanley Cup Finals. What an incredible story.

I may give paddleboarding a shot this week. It’s always looked fun, so why not? But know this, I’ll be relaxed all week, quite often with a margarita in my hand. I’ll be keeping up with scores, may hop on here, may just decide to watch the sunset. I know I have to keep track of MLB for my Lucky 13 league. If you haven’t tried that, look into it. Very fun league.

College football is getting closer. NCAAF is like the blood that flows through my veins. Phil Steele’s Bible…….err, magazine comes out June 26th, tentatively. I’m already fired up for NCAA fantasy.

Anyway, the ice in my margarita is starting to melt. Have a great evening.

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