Memorial Day

The sports world is hopping today. We’re coming off another legendary performance from LeBron with another Game 7 tonight. The Stanley Cup Finals start tonight as well. Add to that a full day of baseball and we can close our 3-day weekend out right.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their day, whether it be grilling out with family and friends or hanging at the pool. Or maybe you’re relaxing in the a/c and watching TV today. Either way, let’s remember the heroes we’ve lost that make all of this possible.

My grandpa served in WWII. Although he didn’t die in combat, we lost him in 1976. Memorial Day always reminds me what a hero he was. He was shot down over Germany, received 2 Purple Hearts, drove a tank through Berlin, and essentially helped kick Hitler’s ass. I have some of his WWII memorabilia. It’s awe inspiring to hold it in my hands. From the partially used ration card to the pamphlet given to soldiers to guide them in the event of being captured. But the letter to him from President Truman is easily my favorite piece. This was towards the end of the war, and though many soldiers received the same letter, it was signed by Truman himself. I’ve read his letters to my grandma when he was overseas. They bring a tear to your eye. I wish he had lived longer so I could talk about the war with him.

So as we all go about celebrating the start of summer and life itself, take a moment to thank those that made this possible.

Take care, God bless.

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