The Washington Capitals Are Your Stanley Cup Champions

The drought is over. The Capitals captured the first Cup in their 40+ year history. If you didn’t get goosebumps watching Alex Ovechkin raise the Cup, you may be dead. Consult your physician.

This was a fantastic hockey season. It had everything; action, drama, an expansion team, new faces in the playoffs, etc… And the playoffs took that excitement to the next level. The Vegas Golden Knights mowed through the Western Conference. The miracle looked like it was on track. Meanwhile, the Capitals had a hard fight on their hands getting through the East. Many, myself included, wondered if they would have anything left to knock off VGK. Spoiler alert: they did.

The series started with the Golden Knights winning a high-scoring affair 6-4. Washington fans got nervous, the hockey world anticipated a miracle, and the sportsbooks started trembling to the tune of a 5-7 million dollar loss on the horizon. But then Ovechkin and the boys buckled down and dominated the rest of the series.

Over the next 4 games, they showed the world who the best team in the NHL was. And they did so in dominating fashion. Braden Holtby, after Game 1, was impenetrable. He also provided us with one of the best saves that these eyes have ever seen. Evgeny Kuznetsov, 32 points, raised his game and breathed life into his team. And then there was Alex Ovechkin…….

Alex Ovechkin won the Conn Smythe Trophy. He had 15 goals and 12 assists. He led this team, he was the face of this team. He played with an intensity that we’ve rarely seen. He sniped, he hit, he blocked, he became the penultimate team player. He wanted this win, you could see and feel it. It was an historic performance. I was on the NHL website immediately to purchase the puck and the Blu-ray. I want to remember this forever, and I’m not even a Caps fan.

So now we wait until October. I’m already stoked for the upcoming season. What will the Capitals do for an encore? Will Vegas compete again? Will the perennials like the Red Wings and Blackhawks get back into the mix? I’ll be in Vegas for the start of the season. I’ll have my bets in hand, I’ll be in front of the TV. But most importantly, hockey will be back.

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