Lucky 13

Ok, who likes to gamble? Trick question, I doubt you’d be reading this or following me on Twitter if you didn’t. So I’ve been running this Lucky 13 league the last few years. This quenches our gambling thirst while waiting for football season. If you haven’t played it, or heard of it, check it out. It’s a fun way to follow baseball and keep those bettor juices flowing.

Here’s how it’s played. You get 30 people to draw a team. You can decide what the entry fee is, we just do $10 to win $300. The way you win is to have your team score every number between 1 and 13. When they get each number, you fill in the square. First team to get all 13 squares filled wins the pot. Pretty simple. You just have to make sure whoever is running the league is checking box scores each day. The cool thing is that you can start one at any time. Fill one today and the league can start tonight.

There are several sites that provide a printout for this league. Personally, I prefer the one that offers. You can even export theirs to Excel and modify it any way you want. I added a zero column for our league. The added shutout makes it a bit more challenging. We’re on our second one this season, with the Braves winning the one that started Opening Day. The Dodgers have the edge right now on our second leg, only needing 0 and 13.

So give it a try. What else will have you hoping the Twins get that 1 extra run in the 9th inning in 10-3 game?

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