Where Does LeBron Land?

This will be the most talked about story of the off-season for NBA fans. LeBron is obviously fed up with not winning titles. Yes, he has a few, but he wants more. And can you blame him? He the best player of this generation, one of the best ever, if not THE best. Rumors are bouncing around at an alarming rate as to where he will play. Let’s take a look at these.

First off, there are three teams that I’ve seen mentioned that don’t make sense to me. San Antonio? No way, they have older players and Kawhi Leonard’s injuries may be an issue. Also, the Spurs are shopping Kawhi. Washington? I don’t see an upside for LeBron in a Wizards uniform. Boston? The Celtics have their pieces in place for a 5 or 6 year run. I’m not sure adding LeBron is a productive move. And then there’s the Kyrie issue.

The Houston Rockets may be an option. Chris Paul, James Harden, and LeBron would be a deadly trio. The two factors that could hurt this are Chris Paul’s remaining years as an elite PG and a possible ego clash with Harden. This would at least be interesting to see the power struggle, both in the locker room and with the Warriors for Western Conference dominance.

The 76ers have a very good young core. The addition of LeBron would be huge in Philadelphia. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have both shown that they can excel at this level. Having LeBron on the court, and in the locker room, with them would be beneficial to all parties. They could rule the Eastern Conference with this combination.

The Lakers seem to be the favorite to land LeBron, at least according to media outlets and Vegas. They are rumored to be going after Paul George as well. Honestly, I can’t see LeBron and the Ball family coexisting. I feel a likely potential train wreck on the horizon if this happens. If I’m LeBron, I order daddy to stay away.

There are two scenarios I’d like to see. The first is LeBron going to the Cavs front office and demanding a supporting cast. They have given him nothing in the time he has been in Cleveland. Go after George, Leonard, etc. Get some players for him. The fact that he made the finals with the Cavs team he had this past season is monumental. The other scenario I’d like to see almost definitely won’t happen.

With the NBA adopting the disposition of a jilted high school girl, why doesn’t LeBron go to OKC and team up with Russ and George? Pull a Durant. Give the Warriors something to worry about. I doubt that would happen, but I would tune and watch that drama all season.

All of this will be partially dependent on where Kawhi and George land. It may or may not influence LeBron’s decision. Teams surely realize this, which could possibly result in these two players getting much larger contracts than they deserve. But such is the state of the NBA. Stay tuned, this could be a fun summer.

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