Phil Steele’s 2018 College Football Preview

Some people have Christmas, others have Thanksgiving. Some look forward to 4th of July, others anticipate Spring Break. But me? There’s the first full Saturday of college football and the release date of Phil Steele’s magazine. These are the two days of the year that I cherish. The feeling I get feels like home; it feels like all is right in the world.

If you’re a college football fan, this is the magazine you want. I imagine most people reading this are already aware of this. But for those that have yet to experience the joys of flipping through this wondrous tome for the first time, I highly recommend doing so immediately. It is written with such fine detail that you can almost picture yourself talking to Mr. Steele himself. Page after page, preview after preview, he puts you on the field during spring practice, places you firmly in the huddle. It is truly a work of art.

He’ll recap the draft for you, he’ll give you a preview of the next draft, complete with player rankings. You get more than a team by team analysis; you get a breakdown of each position. Which teams have turned it around? Who will be the surprise teams? You want a power poll? You got it. And we haven’t even gotten to the individual conference and team pages. Kick back, grab a beer, you’ll be here a while.

I picked mine up this past weekend. College football starts in 58 days. Yes, that first day only has 4 games, but I’m ready, or at least I will be. As someone who has played in NCAA fantasy leagues for the last decade, this magazine becomes my traveling companion for the 2 months between release day and kickoff. And I couldn’t be happier.

Each conference section begins with an overall summary of that conference. Rankings, last season’s stats, and up to the last 10 years of conference play history. And then you see a breakdown for each team. Two glorious pages for each FBS team gives you every bit of information that you could possibly need. Returning starters, last season’s statistics, position by position depth, projected starting lineups, the previous 5 seasons records, all-time leaders………I could go on and on, but you really need to read this to fully appreciate it.

Phil Steele’s passion and dedication to this beautiful sport that we love shows through on every page, in every article. Do yourself a favor, go pick it up if you haven’t already. The next 58 days of your life will have you in football heaven as you read it page by page. There is no better magazine out there, of this I can assure you. 58 days, guys………58 days.

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