L.A. Bron

Did you guys hear about the LeBron news? Who hasn’t, right? So the Los Angeles Lakers signed LeBron James to a 4 year, $154M contract the other day. This is huge, not just for the Lakers, but for the NBA as well. It definitely adds a bit of flavor to the Western Conference. It also leaves the Eastern Conference with 2 teams to fight it out, or so it would seem. The Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics appear to be able to run through the regular season and then fight it out amongst each other to head to the Finals. It’s never a given, but all signs point to yes on this one.

The Lakers are saying now that they want to add an All-Star to help LeBron. The rumor mill has been hopping ever since. Kawhi Leonard is the name most people are throwing around. Initially the San Antonio Spurs were asking for a ridiculous return for him. Time will tell if they back off or if the Lakers bite. The names being thrown out there to head the other direction are primarily Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball. And, of course, draft picks, money, and future considerations are always part of these trades too.

So what do the Lakers do? If I’m calling the shots, I go for Leonard and offer up Ball in the process. I can’t see LeBron and the Ball family coexisting in LA. I think Lonzo would be honored to share the court with The King. But daddy Lavar’s ego may take a hit. Best bet is to remove him from the situation. That means trading Lonzo.

Offshore betting sites have odds on who the next star is to join LeBron in Los Angeles. The names and odds I’ve seen are as follows:

  • Leonard +150
  • Anthony +250
  • Love +300
  • Beal +500
  • Lillard +750
  • DeRozan +2000
  • Wall +2000

I doubt most of these players are even available by their respective teams, but you know some bettors will throw money down in hopes of a nice payday. Whichever way the Lakers decide to go, the pressure will be on for them to win a title in the next 4 years in a conference that seemingly belongs to the Warriors right now. And the Rockets will be a factor as well.

So when the NBA season opens, all eyes will be looking west. This should provide just the right amount of drama that the NBA loves. Those Warriors/Lakers matchups will be must see TV for sure. It should also bring out the “the NBA is fixed” crowd. Those guys are fun on social media. Apply sarcasm as needed.

The next few months will be entertaining if nothing else. Once each team has their roster in place and all trades are completed, we should see championship odds level out as opposed to the constant daily changes we’re seeing now. I’m ready.

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