Where Does Melo Go?

Carmelo Anthony is still a free agent. Four teams are vying for his offense. Let’s face it, when you get Melo, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Defense be damned. Of the four teams, it seems a couple make a better fit for both Melo and the team itself. The other two have me scratching my head.

The Miami Heat are interested. Why? I’m dumbfounded by this. Yes, Carmelo Anthony is a scoring machine. But he’d be the veteran on this team, the guy in the locker room that the young guys will look up to. I’m not sure that’s good for these players or the Miami Heat. I’d move on if I’m Miami.

The Houston Rockets are going after him as well. You already have James Harden. That would give you two starters that don’t really apply themselves on the defensive end. We could see scores in the 153-148 range on a regular basis with this team taking the court. It would be fun for a minute, but no, that would turn into some ugly basketball.

The Philadelphia 76ers would love to add Melo to their team. This would actually make sense despite the fact that Philly is a young team. Anthony wouldn’t be seen as the go-to guy or the voice of the team. The Sixers could develop their youngsters around him without any chaos. This would really be a fun team to watch with Melo on the court.

And now we come to the Lakers. They’re looking to add another star to go along with LeBron James. Whoever ends up being the Lakers point guard would become an assist machine. Does Lonzo stay in LA? Are the trade rumors true? There’s so much still to be decided in Los Angeles and throughout the NBA.

So those are the four teams I’m seeing right now who want Carmelo Anthony’s services. I think he’d be a great addition to the right team. But we merely get to sit by and let the GMs fight this one out. Ok, I’m out for now, as I’m blogging this poolside in Florida. There’s more beach out there waiting for me. Also, if you find yourself in west Florida, look for Beach Blonde Ale by Grayton Beer. This stuff is really good.

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