Manny Machado: Most Wanted

Manny Machado is the hot commodity on the trading block right now. At least three teams are vying for him, at least as far as serious contenders go. The Yankees, Phillies, and Dodgers are all wanting to add Machado for that World Series run. Where he ends up could very well help shape the post season.

The Yankees have been the loudest. Everyone wants to don the pinstripes, right? But are they willing to part with the top prospects it will take to land Machado? In talking to one Yankees fan, he doesn’t think they need him, but he’ll sure take him. If he goes elsewhere, he’ll gladly root against him. I love that attitude, this is what sports is about.

The Phillies have reportedly upped their offer. I haven’t seen what it is yet (give me a break, I just got home from the beach), but apparently it is creating quite a buzz. The Phillies are somewhat of a surprise team this season. No one expected them to compete. I doubt they did either. But here they are…….

And then we have the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers started off horribly this year. They’ve turned it around and are relatively healthy now, so they could definitely use the Manny boost in their lineup. But again, like anyone coveting a top player, sacrifices have to be made. Who will ante up?

All teams realize that Manny Machado is nothing more than a rental. His contract is up at the end of the season. For this reason alone, I doubt anyone would be willing to part with top prospects. Now, if a sign and trade becomes an option, go for it, sell the farm to get this guy if you can lock him up on a multi year extension. But if I’m the Orioles, I’m not letting him go for players to be named later, cash considerations, or future draft picks. I’m raking in the top prospects of the team that really wants him. The Orioles are bad with him, they’ll be bad without him. They have nothing to lose, might as well set your price.

July is always fun with names bouncing around on the trading block. I’ll try to keep up with them as best as I can. But this is an exciting time for baseball fans. Who goes where, what sacrifices were made? Stay tuned and play ball!

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