There are roughly 50 games left in the regular season. The American League has four players that are in a heated race to take home the MVP Award. Over the next two months we’ll see which one emerges. Can anyone else throw their hat in the ring? Of course, we have two months left. It will be an exciting couple months for baseball fans.

Mookie Betts: BA .345, OBP .432, SLG .664, OPS 1.096, HR 25, RBI 54, SB 19. Mookie is putting up solid numbers once again for the Boston Red Sox. He’s missed several games with injuries, but hasn’t really missed a beat. He defense has been stellar and has proven to be a major cog in the Boston offense. He barely missed out 2 years ago to Mike Trout, despite having better numbers in almost every category. Will this be his year?

Mike Trout: BA .311, OBP .462, SLG .619, OPS 1.081, HR 28, RBI 58, SB 20. Another great season going for Trout. This has essentially become the expectation for him. I feel he’s the best overall player in the game today. He does it all on the field and takes care of fans off the field. He is truly what we want out of a professional athlete.

Jose Ramirez: BA .296, OBP .403, SLG .620, OPS 1.023, HR 30, RBI 73, SB 22. Ramirez may be the least talked about of the AL MVP candidates. He is the heart and soul of the offense in Cleveland. The Indians are a sub-.500 team without him. A strong showing over the next two months will push him into Trout/Betts territory.

J.D. Martinez: BA .322, OBP .385, SLG .636, OPS 1.020, HR 31, RBI 85. “Jumbo Dong” Martinez is proving to be the best free agent signing of the off-season. His power numbers are off the charts and he’s hitting for a high average too. The 1-2 punch of Martinez and Betts are driving the Red Sox to the best record in the league.

There may be other players that squeeze into the picture with a push in August and September, but these are the leading four players, in my eyes anyway. Mike Trout and Mookie Betts are almost the same player, by the numbers. That will be close the rest of the season. With Betts and Martinez on the same team, they may end up sharing votes. At this time, I give a slight lean to Trout to win this. But don’t count out Jose Ramirez yet. He has the skills to catch these guys. If he gets hot, look out.


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