NL Cy Young Race

Voters will have quite a few choices to pick from when voting for the National League Cy Young Award this year. At least 4 pitchers are having Cy Young quality seasons. Three of them are pitching for contenders while one is stuck on a team that has been debilitated with injuries.

Jacob deGrom: 5-6, ERA 1.82, WHIP 0.98, BAA .205, K 164. Jacob deGrom is the hard luck pitcher of 2018. The New York Mets simply don’t score runs when he is on the mound. His stuff is nasty, it seems he’s on top of his game each time out. He went through a 10 game stretch this season where he posted a 1.08 ERA, but the Mets went 2-8 in those games. This will affect his votes.

Max Scherzer: 14-5, ERA 2.30, WHIP 0.90, BAA .183, K 200. Max Scherzer is in this conversation every year. He has been one of the most dominating pitchers in MLB over the last decade. There’s not much you can say about Scherzer that hasn’t already been said. He’s a machine, he’s reliable, he’s a winner, the dude can flat out pitch.

Jon Lester: 12-3, ERA 3.06, WHIP 1.23, BAA .231, K 96. Jon Lester’s numbers aren’t quite on par with Scherzer, but the guy knows how to win and he’s the ace on a first place team. That alone scores some points in the voters’ eyes. When he’s on the mound, you know the probability of winning goes up. He’s done this throughout his career. 2018 is another solid year for him.

Zack Greinke: 12-5, ERA 2.96, WHIP 1.05, BAA .233, K 143. Greinke is having a resurgence of sorts this season with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He won the award in 2009, so he’s been there, done that. He is undoubtedly the anchor in the Dbacks rotation. They are currently the 2nd Wild Card team and Greinke will look to keep them in contention the rest of the season.

There are 2 months left in the season. Which ace will take their game to the next level? I think Max Scherzer is the clear frontrunner right now. It would be his 3rd in a row, and 4th overall, if he were to win this season. But Greinke and Lester can surely step in and win this too.

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