NL Rookie of the Year Race

A few rookies have made a huge impact on their respective teams in the National League this season. This is always an added bonus for any team, something you don’t count on before the season begins. How they sustain it could very well affect their standing by season’s end.

Juan Soto: BA .314, OBP .420, SLG .515, OPS .995, HR 13 RBI 36. Soto started the season in the minor leagues. The 19 year old has been on fire since being called up. For Nats fans, he should make losing Bryce Harper to free agency a little more soothing. He’s exciting to watch and has good power for such a young player.

Ronald Acuna: BA .260, OBP .324, SLG .469, OPS .793, HR 9, RBI 24. Acuna has been a nice surprise for the Atlanta Braves. He has provided solid numbers for them as they look to secure a postseason spot heading into the last 2 months of the season. Time will tell if the weight on his shoulders becomes too much or if he can help carry this team.

Let’s throw an honorable mention into this conversation. Jesse Winker was on pace to have a stellar rookie season before having season ending surgery this past week. I feel he was the frontrunner at the time of this injury. A .299 BA, .405 OBP, and an .836 OPS puts him at, or near, the top among all rookies. Add 7 HR and 43 RBI and you have a guy with a good future ahead of him. At least Reds fans are hoping so.

With Winker’s injury, the NL ROY is, at least for now, a 2 man race. I think Soto is the guy right now, but let’s see if he can maintain these numbers over the next 2 months. You never know what you’re getting with rookies. Some are highly touted as teenagers, others surprise you by coming out of nowhere. Once again, we have the privilege to sit back and watch.

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