Fantasy Football: Draft Wisely

A lot of fantasy football drafts have already taken place. A lot more will unfold over the next few weeks. I’m still waiting to do mine. This is the time of year when participants across the country start breaking down stats, flipping coins, making ‘concrete decisions’ only to backtrack roughly 7 minutes later, and overall stressing out over who to take with their first pick. Aahhhhh, football is back.

If you play fantasy football, you already know the top projected players, you know what they bring to the table, you have the stats memorized. Looking over the Top 25 (or so) rankings, I see some great players that have a question mark or two next to their name in my mind.

Le’Veon Bell: This guy is a premier RB, there’s no doubt. What he can do on the field is unmatched in the NFL. But suspensions and injuries have marred his past. And this year’s contract dispute may affect him as well. Think twice before snatching him up #1 overall.

Ezekiel Elliott: He’s already had one suspension and he doesn’t seem to have grown or learned from it. Supreme talent, risky off the field issues. Playing for an offense that has been depleted (Witten, Dez) doesn’t help his cause.

David Johnson: David Johnson is a phenomenal RB. But he’s coming off an injury that could affect his play, at least early on. An injury prone QB won’t do him any favors either. If Josh Rosen ends up being the real deal (I think he will be), then Johnson should have a solid year.

DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins has proven to be one of the best WRs in the game. But he’s on a team with a QB coming back from a serious injury with one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. Put him on any other team and he’s an easy 1st round pick. And he still may be, against all odds.

Kareem Hunt: Two words: sophomore slump. I’m not saying it will happen, but it’s definitely a concern with any player who puts up numbers like Hunt did in his rookie campaign. He’s lightning in a bottle and a pleasure to watch. He could pay huge dividends or have you wishing you’d drafted differently.

Dalvin Cook: Cook’s upside has no ceiling. I think he’ll be one of the best RBs in the league for years to come. Keeper league? Grab him. But coming off that devastating injury makes him a risky early pick. A talented offense in Minnesota will take some pressure off of him.

Gronk: What can you say about Gronk that hasn’t been said? He can get you a TD per game. But how many games will he play? He’s hinted/joked about retirement and he’s one crossing pattern away from being forced into it. Best TE in the game, hands down. How much of a gambler are you though?

LeSean McCoy: Great talent, plays hard, gets a ton fantasy points. His off the field issues may leave him with a long suspension or possibly some jail time. I’d love to live in a world where LeSean McCoy has his head on right. What a superb player he could be.

All fantasy drafts are different; league scoring varies from league to league. Most of us have won leagues, most of us have finished last. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, but this is OUR YEAR….….right? Good luck on your upcoming draft, let’s ice down the beer and enjoy 17 weeks of pure bliss.

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