NBA Votes on Rule Changes

In meetings taking place on September 20th & 21st, the NBA will vote on a few rule changes for the upcoming season. From everything I’ve read, I like the changes that have been brought to the table. I think they will cut down on some of the more annoying aspects of watching an NBA game. Let’s look at them.

One of the rule changes is to reset the shot clock to 14 seconds after an offensive rebound. Currently, the shot clock reverts back to the 24 seconds that teams get upon possession. I like this, as it keeps teams from having that extra time to play ‘stall ball’ at the end of close games. They don’t need 24 seconds when they’re already on their end of the court. We’ll see a quicker pace and more opportunities for the almighty buzzer beaters that we love to see. Good luck to the Vegas oddsmakers as they try to balance the O/U numbers early in the season. The bettors now have to guess which way they lean early on, high or low. That’s why we call it gambling, folks.

Another rule change is the clear path rule. It involves a personal foul during transition. A few parameters are in place in order for this to be implemented. The ball must be ahead of the tip of the circle in the backcourt and no defensive player can be ahead of the offensive player. The offensive player must have control of the ball or the pass to him has to have been released. The foul must deprive the player of a scoring opportunity. When a foul is called, the player gets 2 free throws and his team gets possession. I love this rule, it cuts out those cheesy late game fouls that we all hate. But let’s call this what it really is; the bastard child of the Hack-a-Shaq rule. Again, I love this change.

The third rule change revolves around the hostile act rule that is currently in place. The NBA wants to extend the cause to trigger replay to referees, coaches, and fans. Currently it only involves players. As technology and sports coverage evolve, so must the game itself. The reason I like this is the all-too-often tough guy fan thinking he’s untouchable. This rule will help keep Johnny Badass in his seat. No one likes that guy anyway.

I want all 3 of these rules to pass, I feel it helps the game and makes them more enjoyable. But I really wish they would add a 4th rule to vote on…….

Flopping. This really needs to go away. As great as LeBron James is, he’s to blame for this one. He’s 6’8, 250 lbs. There’s no way he should be knocked back 15 feet because a 5-10, 175 lb point guard brushed his nipple. He’s not the only one to do it, but players saw him get away with it, now everyone is joining in. The NBA needs to crack down on this. Give me a time machine so I can take some of these guys to the 80s and watch them flop against Rick Mahorn, Charles Oakley, etc…. They’ll get destroyed the next time down the court. The game needs to toughen up, the players need to make this happen. If it were up to me, I’d assess a technical foul. When you get your 5th tech of the season for flopping, you get a 2 game suspension. Pretty simple fix if you ask me.

We find out in about 4 weeks which of these rules pass. I believe all of them are good for the game. And everyone might not agree on these, but rest assured the NBA is trying to make the game better. We can all at least respect that.

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