NCAAF: What We Learned in Week 1

Yesterday was my Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and a birthday all rolled into one. Hands down, my favorite day of the year. That first full Saturday of college football is pure bliss. We got to see some great games as well as finding out some things we may or may not have wanted to know about certain teams. But this is why we love this game.

Michigan State, in typical Sparty fashion, scared it’s fan base with a lackluster performance against Utah State. They buckled down late and pulled out a victory, but I think their fans wanted more of a smoother ride to start the season. Stanford showed the world that they have a passing game. The football world was focused on Bryce Love, but KJ Costello had other plans to the tune of 4 TDs. Top ranked Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia did exactly what they were supposed to do. They made quick work of far lesser teams.

The Washington/Auburn game was one of the better games yesterday. Washington threw away at least 6 (probably 10) points in the red zone. All credit to Auburn’s defense though, they showed up when it counted. They’ll be a team in the mix all season. Notre Dame came out and hit Michigan in the mouth, scoring a quick 14 points. Michigan played very good defense after that, but their offense could never recover. Wolverine fans want answers and results at this point. The stagnant play calling has become the norm for Michigan. Harbaugh, meet the hot seat. Texas lost to Maryland. Again. Longhorn fans, like Michigan, are demanding better.

Oklahoma dismantled FAU. A lot of talk about how FAU was going to give the Sooners a game quickly faded yesterday. Oklahoma looks to have retooled about as fast as anyone. The Big 12 could easily be theirs for the taking. West Virginia vs Tennessee wasn’t much of a game either. Quite a few experts talked about how an SEC defense would shut down the Mountaineers passing game. Didn’t happen. Tennessee will be good, but they’re young. West Virginia simply had too much offense returning. They hit the ground running and looked as though they hadn’t missed a beat from last season.

Ole Miss, a slight underdog, took it to Texas Tech. They were firing on all cylinders and the Red Raiders didn’t have an answer. Mizzou showed off a passing game to be reckoned with. Granted, weaker opponent, but still impressive. They could surprise some teams in the SEC. The Cincinnati Bearcats welcomed Chip Kelly back to the college game with an upset victory. UCLA looked out of sync all night. Kansas lost to Nicholls State. I don’t even know what part of the country they’re in. One might consider Kansas to be a basketball school, apply sarcasm as needed. Arizona surprisingly lost to BYU. I didn’t see that one coming at all. The Arizona hype may have been a bit premature.

But at least we have our beloved game back. That’s all that really matters. And if your team lost, it’s only week 1. We still have a couple games left as well. Miami plays LSU tonight and we get Virginia Tech vs Florida State tomorrow. I’m ready for more football.

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