NCAAF Week 3: What Can We Expect?

A full slate of games, minus the canceled ones, are on tap today for college football fans. We live for these Saturdays. Get your wings and beer ready, find a comfortable spot, and watch football for 14 hours. Some of these games will help us figure out who some of these teams are. Others will be battles for dominance. We will also be blessed with Kansas vs Rutgers. In a trainwreck sort of way, this might actually be worth tuning in to.

We’ll have a few ranked vs ranked matchups today. This always makes for a good Saturday. In the SEC, we’ll have #12 LSU facing #7 Auburn. Las Vegas has Auburn as a 10.5 favorite right now. I see a defensive game here, not a lot of scoring. Both defenses are pretty strong. This game will likely come down to the turnover differential. We also have #17 Boise State playing #24 Oklahoma State. The Pokes have a lot of new faces on offense, so this game could answer questions about them. Cornelius has looked good so far, albeit against weaker teams. BSU will provide a good test for them. The Cowboys are currently favored by 1 point. Tonight we’ll see #4 Ohio State get their first real test when facing #15 TCU. The Buckeyes are favored by 13 at the moment. They’ve looked explosive against some subpar teams the first couple weeks, so today should give us a clear picture of who they are. This will also be the last game that they’ll be without Urban Meyer.

The Florida Gators looked very lackluster and uninspired last week against Kentucky. Today they face Colorado State as a 20.5 point favorite. The Rams can move the ball up and down the field. If the Gators defense plays like they did last week, these points are a gift. Florida State, who has not looked good at all, will take on Syracuse. The Seminoles are a 3 point favorite, but this game seems too risky to touch. If you go by what these teams have done in the first 2 weeks, then you have to take the points. But at some point, you have to think FSU wakes up and realizes who they are.

Alabama will have a good SEC battle today against Ole Miss. They are currently 23 point favorites, but this game has often been a lot closer than most would expect. The Crimson Tide has a revamped defense, so we’ll find out today if they can shut down the Rebels’ offense. This could be a very good game to watch. Tonight we also get USC vs Texas. This will feature 2 teams that still don’t really know who they are. Texas is a 3.5 point favorite this morning, I expect this to go down a point by kickoff. The west coast bettors will drive this down as the day goes on. Neither of these teams have been impressive yet. But both of them are fitting new pieces into their respective plans, so it will be interesting to watch this play out.

So another full day of college football awaits us. Six games have been postponed or canceled due to the hurricane. The most important aspect of this should be the welfare of those affected by these storms. We love football, but it’s not everything. If you would like to donate to relief efforts, you can do so at

Enjoy your Saturday.

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