Is Alabama In A Class Of Their Own?

Yesterday, Alabama absolutely dismantled a good Ole Miss team. The final score was 62-7, but anyone who watched this game knows that they could’ve scored at will all evening long. At no point was this even a game. Alabama has elevated themselves to a level that makes you wonder if anyone can even compete against them. The only 2 teams that I see right now are Georgia and Clemson. And I’m not fully convinced that they could make it a game after halftime, to be honest.

Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts are both very able QBs, and Nick Saban can switch them out without missing a beat on the offense. Damian Harris and Najee Harris anchor the running game, but the Crimson Tide has more weapons on the bench just waiting to get some carries. WR Jerry Jeudy looks to be the next stud receiver coming out of Bama; he always seems to be able to get open. How do you stop this offense? Apparently no one knows yet. This makes the anticipation of a matchup with Georgia all the more enticing.

The only concern with Alabama coming into this season was their revamped defense. Rest assured, Bama fans, the defense looks to be in good hands. They shut down a potentially potent Ole Miss offense last night. They held Jordan Ta’amu to 133 passing yards, only completing 7 of 22 attempts while throwing 2 interceptions. The running game for the Rebels amassed 115 yards, but it took 37 carries to get there for a 3.1 average. The Alabama defense is for real, it won’t be easy to score on them.

All teams have that hiccup game, that game where you don’t look like yourself. From what I’ve seen from Alabama so far, that’s the only hope that opposing teams have of even competing with them. Yes, they’re that good. And I get it, someone writing about how good this team is has been done before. But to really appreciate how good they are, you really have to watch an entire game. They don’t miss a beat. They can substitute players, they can give guys a rest, it doesn’t matter. They have future NFL players sitting on their bench right now. These are guys that could easily step into a starting role on almost any other team in FBS. But they’ve chosen Alabama, and rightly so.

A lot of you may be thinking now that this is being written by an SEC fan, that there is some level of bias. It’s not. I love college football across the board with a slight favor towards the Big Ten. But when I see a team doing what Alabama is doing, I take my proverbial hat off, just like I did for Clemson a couple years ago. Speaking of the Big Ten, they are not looking good, but that’s another blog for another day.

So even if you hate Alabama, or if they’ve already beaten your team, at least sit back and appreciate what Nick Saban is putting on the field. A UK fan on Twitter last night said it best; “It’s almost unfair to be that good”. Yeah, it seems that way, but it’s up to all the other teams to get on their level now. We still have 11 glorious weeks of the regular season in college football. Let’s enjoy what we have. And if your team plays Alabama at some point, pray for that hiccup week. You’ll probably need it.

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