Is Kentucky For Real?

The Kentucky Wildcats are 4-0. By the way, I’m talking about their football team. One of the most prominent basketball schools who has never really had a football team worth cheering for is suddenly looking like this year’s darling. And they’ve won convincingly, outscoring their opponents 138-53. That’s impressive for a team that was supposed to be 2-2 right now.

The surprising thing is that they’ve done it against some good competition. They went to The Swamp and handed it to the 25th ranked Gators 27-16. Last night they beat 10 point favorite and 14th ranked Mississippi State 28-7. This looks like a different team than what we’ve seen in years past. The offense is in sync and the defense is hitting hard. Oh, and there’s some guy named Benny Snell.

Benny Snell is off to a Heisman worthy season. Yes, we’re just 4 games in, but this guy has been the spark that has led the Wildcats to their 4-0 start. Last night he had 25 carries for 165 yards and 4 touchdowns. On the season, he has 87 carries for 540 yards and 7 touchdowns. He’s good, he’s really good. Social media has already seen #SnellYeah trending. Get used to it, he doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down any time soon.

The Wildcats have their work cut out for them though. But from what I’ve seen from this team, they may prefer to be the underdog. The remaining 8 games for them include South Carolina, Texas A&M, Vandy, Mizzou, Georgia, Tennessee, MTSU, and Louisville. They’re not on Georgia’s level yet, but don’t count them out against any of those other teams. And if they are undefeated when the Georgia Bulldogs come to town, we can all expect Gameday to be in Lexington. How exciting that would be for that program.

But Kentucky needs to make sure they just take it one game at a time. Looking ahead, especially for a team not used to being in this position, has proven to be dangerous. All they need to worry about right now is the Gamecocks next week. Mark Stoops seems to have a good handle on the team and the locker room.

We’re currently in a season where it looks like no one can stay on the field with Alabama. And this may be true. But Kentucky is giving us a great story away from the bright lights. I, for one, am all in on this. I’m looking forward to their match ups over the next few weeks. This is an exciting team to watch. Tune in.


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