What’s Next For The Cincinnati Reds?

The Cincinnati Reds are coming off of their 4th straight season with 90+ losses. This is a team that announced they were rebuilding 4 years ago. I’m no expert, but I don’t think that’s how rebuilding works. They are currently in the process of interviewing for a new manager. After a dismal start this past season, Bryan Price was let go and Jim Riggleman, on an interim basis, took over for the rest of the season.

Jim Riggleman is 1 of 8 potential managers for the Reds in 2019. For my money, he’s already had his tryout. The team improved under his watch, but I don’t think this is the direction the Reds want to go. A lot of the fans here seem to want to give him a chance. Keep in mind though, this is a city that has shown over time that they love to embrace mediocrity. The city is still represented in the NFL by a coach who has proven he can’t win in the playoffs. The University of Cincinnati can’t win 2 games in March, much less make the Final 4. Yet Marvin Lewis and Mick Cronin are still employed. As someone who lives in the Cincinnati area, I’m tired of hearing “But we won 30 games” or “At least we made the playoffs”. Nope, don’t care, not good enough.

But I digress, back to the Reds. Quite a few candidates within the organization have already been interviewed as well. Among these are John Farrell, Billy Hatcher, Pat Kelly, and Freddie Benavides. Word is that Joe Girardi, David Bell, and Brad Ausmus are lined up for interviews too. I love Girardi, not sure the front office brass would throw the money needed his way though. But he has proven that he can build a winning team. John Farrell has seen success at the Major League level too. He had a successful, albeit short, run in Boston managing the Red Sox. David Bell has Cincinnati ties, so he may be a favorable choice for the Reds. I personally feel that Girardi and Farrell are ones that should be leading this current pack of candidates. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind Brad Ausmus either.

The attendance at Reds games this past season was embarrassing. I’d see homeruns bouncing around the seats while kids and, oddly, adults were climbing over seats to get that prized possession. With the sparse crowd, this could sometimes take a minute or so for the nearest spectator to achieve this trophy. The sad part is that I’m not exaggerating. So let’s see what the front office decides. It will be interesting. The next logical step is to go after a free agent starting pitcher. Or 3. What they do with the Homer Bailey contract could also define what direction they go heading into the offseason. I’m all for offering this guy the Bobby Bonilla deal. Just get him off the roster and free up some money.

But I’m not the GM. I’ll just sit here and hope they do something productive, something that instills a winning attitude in this city. I’m done with the mediocre.

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