And Then There Were 11

Eleven. That’s how many teams are still undefeated in college football. We just completed Week 6 of a 14 week season. At least 1 will fall in 2 weeks as Clemson and North Carolina State will face each other. With 3 teams from the American Athletic Conference still undefeated, we can count on at least 2 of them falling from these ranks as well. The next 2 months will surely feature some great games. Let’s look at each of the 11 and what they face going forward.

We’ll start with the SEC. Alabama simply looks unbeatable right now, despite having their defense exposed yesterday. I don’t see how they don’t run the table all the way to the SEC Championship game. Georgia, over the next 4 weeks, will face a ranked team each week. On paper, they should win each one of these. But when you face this level of competition week after week, sometimes you can hit a lull. They need to stay focused now more than ever before.

In the Big Ten, Ohio State is the team to beat. And I really don’t see them losing, to be honest. From what I’ve seen watching them, your only hope is to live and die by going downfield. If they have a weakness, it’s their secondary. But good luck stopping that offense. Haskins has these guys firing on all cylinders. Dobbins and Weber in the backfield gives them fresh legs on every down. These guys will be in the playoffs again.

In the ACC, we have both Clemson and North Carolina State that remain undefeated. But they face each other in 2 weeks, so one of them will go down. Clemson seems to have their QB situation figured out now and RB Travis Etienne is one of the top players in the country. If NC State pulls out a victory, they still face Syracuse and Florida State down the road. All eyes in the ACC will be on the Clemson/NC State game.

Notre Dame is the lone Independent team left undefeated. They have already faced some battles and have come out on top. The only hurdles I see left for them will be Syracuse and USC the last 2 weeks of their season. They’ve already beaten better teams, but USC always seems to rise up in this rivalry game. Syracuse is dangerous with Dungey under center, so that game isn’t a given either.

West Virginia is one of the teams that I stated before the season to be a surprise team. We all knew they would be good, and I can still see them going undefeated. They have a high powered offense and their defense has stepped up this season. But the last 4 games will be a test. They face Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma to finish the season. That’s brutal, but I think the Mountaineers are better than all 4 of these teams. How they fare in consecutive weeks against this level of competition remains to be seen.

Coming in to this week, Colorado’s opponents had a combined 1-16 record. They got a much needed win against a good Sun Devils team last night. It doesn’t look easy for them the rest of the season either. USC, Washington, Arizona, Washington State, Utah, and Cal are on the horizon. Each of these games will be a test for the Buffaloes.

And now we come to the AAC. Yes, 3 of these teams are undefeated. Their schedules are among the weakest in the country though. Reigning National Champs (apply sarcasm as needed) UCF is the team to beat here. They should run the table again, barring a really bad game. South Florida still has Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF to play. Cincinnati has both USF and UCF left. With these 3 teams all facing each other, at least 2 will fall from the ranks of the undefeated.

The college football season always seems to fly by so fast. We count down the days for it to begin and before we know it, the season is already at the halfway point. There are some great games in the coming weeks, so let’s sit back and enjoy them. After that, we have conference championship games, bowl season, and the playoffs. And then we start counting again. Groundhog Day anyone?

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