Le’Veon Bell and the Drama That Surrounds Him

Is time running out for the Steelers and Le’Veon Bell? Bell was supposed to show up for the bye week practices, but to this point he is a no-show. Granted, he still has time to show up, but I doubt the Steelers are optimistic right now. The Steelers’ plans at the moment are to go on without him. James Conner has done an outstanding job as his replacement.

Conner currently has 453 rushing yards, 5th in the league, and 7 TDs. In addition, he has caught 26 passes for 257 yards. If I’m the Steelers, I have to be asking myself if Bell is worth the money he is asking when James Conner is performing at this level. There’s no doubt that Conner isn’t Bell, but for your money, is Bell really that much better? If you’ve seen the Steelers play, you know that this offense is running just fine the way it is. And why disrupt the team unity and locker room vibe that is obviously working just fine?

I think Pittsburgh should concentrate on the players that are there each day, the players who are putting in the work. These are the guys that deserve the accolades, the attention, and the wins in the standings. It seems that too many athletes these days are becoming more self promoters and less athletes. Most of us are tired of hearing what they CAN do; we want to see results on the field. Le’Veon Bell, at least right now, is merely a mouthpiece for the spoiled factions of America in 2018. If he wants to sit, let him sit. James Conner is more than able to carry this team. I even heard some Steelers fans in Las Vegas this past weekend voice that exact sentiment.

So if he doesn’t show up, what’s next? A trade? That makes perfect sense to me if I’m the Steelers. The Eagles need a RB, so do the Colts, considering Marlon Mack’s injury prone status. And there are more teams that could use help in the backfield; 49ers, Raiders, Bucs, the list goes on. But now it would be up to each of these teams as far as what they are willing to part with in order to get someone of Bell’s caliber. But I’m not a GM, so I can only sit here and watch it unfold. And if Bell doesn’t play at all this season, it would seem to me that his stock would drop.

The next couple of weeks should see this play out, whether that works out for the Steelers or for Bell remains to be seen. If a trade happens, some team out there will get an outstanding running back, albeit with some baggage in tow. In the meantime, fans in Pittsburgh are quite happy with the success that James Conner is having. They’re on a bye this week, but then it’s back to the business of football.

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