What’s on Your Sports Bucket List?

I posed this question on Twitter today. I loved the variety of answers I got too. One of the really cool things about sports is that we can all enjoy them in our own way. My sports bucket list is a mile long. There are so many facets of each sport that I just thoroughly enjoy. So I’ll condense mine to some of the top ones.

I would love to see a baseball game at both Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. The 2 parks are so iconic, so definitive of the game of baseball, so much history in these parks. A Michigan football game at the Big House is on my list too. How thrilling it would be to be a part of a crowd of that size. And on the subject of college football, I really need to participate in Wisconsin’s 4th quarter tradition of Jump Around. Need it.

I would also love to go to a Blackhawks game at the United Center. I want to hear Jim Cornelison sing the anthem in person. I want to be a part of the crowd cheering throughout the entire anthem. A Super Bowl game would be pretty sweet too. It wouldn’t really matter if it was my team or not, I just want to experience that atmosphere one time. And, like a few of the replies I got, I need to experience a Duke/UNC game in person, preferably at the Cameron Indoor Stadium.

My Vegas pal Paul wants to see an Army/Navy game, an Oklahoma/Texas game, and a World Cup match. Val had a more lengthy list, God love her. Australian Open, Wimbledon, Super Bowl, and a Michigan/OSU game at the Big House. Hey, I never said you had to limit them. My buddy Gary, a huge Duke fan, has a Duke/UNC game at Cameron on his list. He also wants to be at the Masters and the Super Bowl. My son Nolan, obviously a chip off the old block, also wants to watch a game at both Wrigley and Fenway. As a Raiders fan (pray for him), he just wants to go to a Raiders game. Mostly though, he just wants one of his teams to win a championship.

James replied with a few on his list. An LSU night game, a game at Dodger Stadium, a hockey game in Montreal, and a Cincinnati/Xavier Crosstown Shootout basketball game. I might see if I can hook him up with that one this season. Tom replied with a World Series game and a Duke/UNC game at Cameron. I think most sports fans would love to see that. It was definitely a recurring theme. Andy wants to complete his Triple Crown experience by going to the Kentucky Derby. And, again, a Duke/UNC game at Cameron. I got a couple quick hits as well. Two different Mikes chimed in. One wants to go to a World Series Game 7, the other wants to see the British Open in person. Jeremy, obviously with good taste, wants to see a game at Fenway.

This was a fun ride today interacting with sports fans over their individual bucket lists. Life is short, guys. Let’s see if we can make some of these happen. I get it, it takes money. In some cases, a lot of money. But hey, Mega Millions is $1.6B tonight. Someone’s bucket list is about to get a good chunk crossed off. In the meantime, stay positive and start crossing things off that list.

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