If You Work in the City of Cleveland, You’re Probably Fired

Lue and Hue, gone from their respective thrones ruling over a franchise in Cleveland. In the case of the Browns, I get it. What I don’t get is getting rid of a head coach 6 games into the season after a few years of being nothing more than King James’ puppet. Give the guy a chance. But the decisions have been made and both teams will head into an uncertain future. Ok, if we’re being honest, we know exactly what the future holds for both the Browns and the Cavaliers.But I digress.

Tyronn Lue and the Cleveland Cavaliers started the season 0-6. That’s not good, in the event that you were wondering. During his tenure, the Cavs were 128-83 with 3 straight Finals appearances and an NBA Championship in 2016. The Cavs front office laid rest to the speculation that LeBron was the one running this team. Where they go from here is anyone’s guess. But without LeBron there, another Finals appearance is definitely not in their immediate future.

Hue Jackson was let go today after a stellar 3-36-1 record in just over 2 seasons at the helm in Cleveland. Let’s face it, anyone taking that Browns head coach job a few years ago was being set up to fail. It’s the Browns, a franchise mired in one dismal period after another. But the guy who was walking into that dumpster fire was let go for not performing a minor miracle. Good for Hue, he’s sure to land a coordinator job very soon. The grey cloud that has been hanging over him, the one that has permeated his soul, is now gone.

The city of Cleveland has sharpened its proverbial axe and his chopping its way through town. Some dude named Sam who manages a deli over on St Claire St in downtown Cleveland is pretty nervous right now. Sam has a family to feed. Sam doesn’t have time for this nonsense.

But in all seriousness, both of these franchises are a mess right now. By the way, has anyone checked on Terry Francona today? Is he alright? Most teams have periods like this, but the longevity that the Browns have been able to maintain is nothing short of……what’s the opposite of miraculous? Yeah, that.

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