Todd Gurley: Winning With Class

If you watched the Los Angeles Rams vs the Green Bay Packers yesterday, you saw one of the better games so far this season. The undefeated Rams were throttled in the first half by the Green Bay defense. This was new territory for the Rams. They simply rolled their opponents up until yesterday afternoon. But the Packers had their number for a half before the Rams bounced back and gave us an exciting 2nd half.

Towards the end of the game, the Rams just needed a first down so they could run out the clock. Todd Gurley had the ball and was headed to the end zone, almost assuredly for a score. But then he held up and went down at the 4 yard line. You could almost hear the screams of bettors and fantasy football players across the country. Gurley owners wanted those points, over bettors needed that touchdown, and Rams bettors needed the points as well. But what Gurley did was a classy move. The game was in hand, no use running it up. Sure, he could have scored, he could have padded his stats. But why ruffle the feathers of a team as good as the Packers? Todd Gurley took the high road with his team’s victory in hand.

After the game, during an interview, Gurley was asked about the ramifications in the gambling world. He replied “Man, forget fantasy, forget Vegas. We got the win, so that’s all that matters.” Perfectly spoken, in my opinion. I’ve said for years that these players don’t care if they’re on your fantasy team, they don’t care about point spreads, nor do they care about the O/U. They want to win. And who can blame them?

I see all too often on social media where fantasy football owners slip into keyboard warrior mode and start tweeting at athletes because they lost that week due to a dropped pass, a fumble, and interception; you name it. Guys, they don’t care, they really don’t. Their job is to win games. Period. It’s of no interest to them that they are on your team. They already have a team, a real one. A team that goes to battle with them game after game. That’s their only concern. Sorry if you’re hurt by this revelation, but it’s true.

Todd Gurley did the right thing, the classy thing. He knew the victory was sealed and he didn’t get cocky or rub it in. He gracefully went down and most likely earned a lot of respect in the process. This is what winners do. This is what champions do.

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