I’m going to break from sports today to address how wimpy we’ve become in this country. The most recent example centers around Halloween. The pussification of this once proud country is taking a hit on many platforms. Can we leave the holidays alone though?

I’ve seen many suggestions on social media over the last few days addressing the fact that the weather might not be all sunshine and rainbows, both literally and figuratively, and parents don’t want their precious, fragile children exposed to the elements. What?!? Send those kids out there to beg for candy, weather be damned. I’ve gone trick-or-treating in the snow before. A little rain won’t scar Liam, Ian, Ariel, or whatever other names people are giving their kids these days. Oh boo hoo, did they catch a cold? So what? Give them some Theraflu and let them immerse themselves in the chocolate haven that they’ve created by actually earning it when they braved the sub-50 temperatures to get those delicious Butterfingers, Reese’s, and Kit Kats.

But it’s going to rain!!!! Then devise a better costume to protect Bubble Boy/Girl. We have collectively bowed down to every possible sissified scenario over the last decade. It’s rather disgusting, to be honest. I grew up playing sports in the rain, riding my bike without a helmet, and somehow made it through all of that without my own personal safe space. Amazing, huh? I don’t mean to be the ‘these kids today’ guy, but these kids today are wimps. They’re sissies. And the parents who are over protecting them are directly responsible. Send them out to get candy or keep them home. It’s really that simple.

I bet these parents won’t complain when Christmas comes and they drag their kids out when it’s 3 degrees with sleet and snow. Want to know why? Because they know presents are waiting for them. It’s called greed; selfishness. Spend some time helping the less fortunate if you want to see how bad things can really get. And before anyone thinks of calling me out; I have, and I continue to do so. I’ve provided meals for the homeless, I’ve seen people who were ready to give up, I’ve seen people who think there is no hope left. So don’t come to me whining about how adverse weather conditions are ‘ruining’ your precious holiday.

Let kids be kids. It’s what makes them grow. The sniffles won’t kill them, nor will that skinned knee. Live free, play hard, enjoy life.

Rant over.

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