CFB, the Heisman, and the Playoffs

There are just a few weeks left in the college football season. Over the next few weeks, we’ll start to see answers becoming a little clearer as it pertains to the Heisman Trophy and the playoff picture. The Heisman, let’s face it, is Tua Tagovailoa’s to lose at this point. As far as the playoffs go, there are a few games today that will help shape that picture, or make it a little fuzzier.

There are 5 quarterbacks that are in the midst of outstanding seasons. Tua Tagovailoa stands at the front of the pack right now. But on his heels you have Kyler Murray, Will Grier, Dwayne Haskins, and Gardner Minshew. If Tua slips, these guys are perfectly capable of sliding into his spot as the leader of the pack. All 5 of these guys are putting up huge numbers and have propelled their team into the top 10 in the country. Well, WVU is currently #13, but they’ve been in the top 10 for a large part of the season. Alabama plays LSU today, so this could very well be the showcase that Tagovailoa has been waiting for to seal the trophy. Murray, Haskins, and Minshew have games that gives them the opportunity to pad their stats. Grier will have a tough matchup against Texas.

The only running back that has been seriously considered is Clemson’s Travis Etienne. What an amazing season this guy has had. With a QB controversy going on in the early part of the season, Etienne carried this team. He has continued to put up great numbers week after week. On the subject of RBs, don’t forget about Arizona’s JJ Taylor and Memphis’ Darrell Henderson. Sure, these 2 are afterthoughts right now, but the season that both of them are having should not go unnoticed. There are also 2 defensive players getting some attention. Houston DT Ed Oliver has been on everyone’s radar since the beginning of the season. UK’s Josh Allen……not so much. Allen has been the main cog in the Wildcats defense this season. Without him, UK isn’t where they are.

The CFB playoff will get some definition today with a few key games. The game that everyone will be watching is the Alabama vs LSU game tonight. If Alabama wins, LSU is all but eliminated from the playoffs. If LSU wins, then Bama is on thin ice and may need help from other teams. Michigan vs Penn State is another one the country will be watching. A PSU win knocks Michigan out. A Wolverines win solidifies their spot in the top 4, assuming an LSU loss. But they still have the Buckeyes to get through in a few weeks. Clemson plays Louisville today. They may hit the O/U on their own. This game will be out of hand by mid-2nd quarter.

Another exciting day of college football awaits us today, and I couldn’t be happier. It will be interesting to see how some of these games play out. Who stakes their claim, who jumps into the mix, and which players add to their Heisman resume? Stay tuned.

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