The Weekly WTFs in Sports

The last week or so in the sporting world has been interesting, to say the least. Player drama, contract drama, losing streaks, and bad hires galore. How do we get out of this funk? By looking forward to a possible Super Bowl preview on Monday night with a game that has the highest Vegas O/U in history. Let’s do this.

We’ll start with the NFL and the story that just won’t go away. Le’Veon Bell is not expected to show up today at the Steelers’ practice facility. This puts an end to the speculation that he will play this season. Sorry if you drafted him, and I hope you grabbed Conner for insurance. James Conner has proven to the Steelers, and the rest of the NFL, that you don’t need the high priced prima donna running back to be successful. Pittsburgh is on their way to yet another postseason without Bell. Good riddance. Extremely talented player, not worth the headache, in my opinion. Meanwhile, staying in the division, the Bengals have hired Hue Jackson, he of the 3-36-1 record, to be a part of their coaching staff. Apparently the Bengals plan on continuing being the Bengals for years to come. Nathan Peterman has been cut by the Bills. How bad was he? In his last start he threw 3 interceptions……….and raised his career QB rating. Look it up. This brings us to Monday Night Football in Mexico City this coming week. Rams and Chiefs, a night of epic offensive display. I’ll be in front of my TV, I don’t want to miss a single play.

Moving on to the NBA, most of us saw a horrific injury to Caris LeVert. It was nasty, very reminiscent of Paul George and Gordon Hayward. This has a somewhat happy ending though. It turned out to be a dislocated foot and not a break. It made me cringe and fear the worst when I saw it. Very glad it’s not as serious as it initially looked. The Curry-less Warriors lost last night and Kevin Durant is apparently not happy with the way Draymond Green played at the end of regulation. With the score tied, he drove to the basket rather than pass to an open Durant. Tempers flared on the bench and the NBA got to embrace another player drama. The exact thing that drives me away from the NBA is what draws a lot of their fans in. Go figure.

The Washington Capitals’ Tom Wilson gets to take the ice tonight after having his suspension reduced from 20 games to 14 games. Sure, he’s a bit of a dirty player, but he brings some fire to a team that is in dire need of it right now. The Blackhawks continue to be a mess. They fired Joel Quenneville last week and replaced him with Jeremy Colliton. The results on the ice have not changed, however. Chicago is currently mired in an 8 game losing streak, amassing only 2 points in that time. The natives are restless in the United Center and I would expect major changes after the season if Colliton can’t right the ship. Toews and Kane aren’t getting younger, chase another Cup now.

Hopefully another action filled week awaits us. This is why we watch, it’s what we live for. Good luck on your bets this week and I hope your fantasy team racks up the points for you. And if you don’t have players for that Rams/Chiefs game, Josh Reynolds should be a hot waiver wire guy this week. Grab him if you can.

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