Why LeBron Needs to Shut Up and Play Basketball

LeBron James has made headlines these last few days, and not because of anything he has done on the court. He has used his fame and his platform to spew his, let’s be honest here, ridiculous views on the NFL and life in general. I’m not sure what his motive is, not sure what he was thinking. I doubt he needs any reason to draw attention to himself, his game does that.

LeBron said that the NFL is run by a “bunch of old white men with a slave mentality”. This is an incredibly stupid statement. This is not the type of athlete that any kid should look up to or emulate in any way. NFL players go to work and do what their bosses say, just like us regular folks do every single day, regardless of the color of our skin. The sickening part of this is the all too often occurrence where a black athlete sets back race relations every time it seems to be going forward. I don’t know what LeBron is mad about, but to drag the entire conversation/issue into a race war is not the answer. I would think he would be above that. Apparently I was wrong.

He went on to make a post on social media about “taking that Jewish money”. Out of pure disgust, I didn’t even read what he was talking about. Imagine if anyone else said these things, posted these thoughts. What if a Latino baseball player said it? Or how about any white athlete? They would be dragged through the media mud and figuratively crucified. Not LeBron though, he’s the darling of ESPN and all that they stand for. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.

I want to like LeBron, I really do. He’s one of the greatest athletes any of us will ever see in our lifetime. I can’t stand behind anyone who thinks like this, makes comments like this. It’s divisive, proactive, and simply uncalled for in today’s society. There is no place for that in the world, at least not in mine. I’m all about free speech and he can say whatever he wants. I just don’t see how anyone with any sense at all can continue being a fan of his after comments like these. I’m sure that as long as he puts up his nightly windmill dunk, triple double, or no-look pass, his fans will bow at his feet and swear by whatever garbage comes out of his mouth. Therein lies a deeper issue.

My hope is that his comments will barely affect the NFL or anyone else that ends up being one of his targets. Sharper minds usually prevail. Until his next outburst, we’ll continue to watch the games and root for our teams. Meanwhile, I’ll be hanging on to hopes that he just shuts up and plays basketball.

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