Why Notre Dame Needs To Get In A Conference

Yesterday Notre Dame got blown out in a major bowl game. Again. A few other things happened yesterday that we have become accustomed to as well. The sun rose in the east, it set in the west, water remained wet, grass continued to put on display its beautiful green hue, and the sky, in all of its magnificent glory, was blue.

I think the time has come where we need to demand that Notre Dame join a Power 5 conference. It has stumped me for so long how we can have a prestigious school like this continue to set their own schedule year after year. If they were in a conference, rivalries would be created. With said rivalries come tougher games, despite what the numbers on paper depict. The Irish have lost 8 straight major bowl games now. Put Notre Dame in a conference and spare us this ugliness each bowl season.

If you look at the Power 5 conferences, there isn’t a single one where Notre Dame goes undefeated. In the SEC, they would be 9-3 at best, possibly 7-5. They would be no match at all for Alabama or Georgia. Mississippi State and Texas A&M would more than likely beat them too. How about the ACC? Well, we saw what Clemson did to them last night. Florida State and Miami, in typical seasons for these 2 teams, would beat them as well. This year, a down year for both, may be a little different.

If they were in the Big 12, Oklahoma and Texas both would have handed the Irish a loss. And on a good day, even the Pokes may have caught them unaware. Notre Dame opened this season with a victory over Big Ten Michigan. If this were a conference game, it would have been played in the middle of the season. Midseason Michigan trounces midseason Notre Dame. Even with the Big Ten being down this year, I still feel Notre Dame goes 10-2 there. If they were in the PAC-12, at least 3 losses. Washington State and Washington would beat them handily.

How long does the committee continue this charade? I get it, money speaks louder than logic. The same committee that ignores UCF, embraces Notre Dame like a puppy with a bow around its neck on Christmas morning. The Irish play a schedule that is tougher than the one UCF plays, but what are we really saying with that admission? The almighty dollar will continue to put these guys on our tv sets while their fans falsely boast about how great their mediocre team is. The rest of the country just rolls its collective eyes and wonders when this abomination will stop. We deserve better football.

Put them in a conference; that’s all, it’s that easy. They won’t be forced into it though because they know college football needs them, therefore they will continue to do whatever they want. At what point do their fans get fed up with this futility? I can assure you from a UC basketball fan’s point of view that ‘just getting there’ gets old after a while. Fans want results, they want wins. Participation trophies are so passe.

And finally, I can’t wait to read the ND fan responses to this. Buckle up.


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